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Attention Tour Operators and Travel Agencies. In our highly-regarded venice mask decoration courses, participants learn how to make Venetian masks. These are our best events for tour operators because they are full experiences for participants and highly enjoyable. They combine a brief but interesting introduction to the history of Venetian masks and techniques used to decorate them (around 20-30 minutes) with a hands-on practical section in which participants get to decorate a hand-crafted Venetian mask of their choosing made from real cartapesta - with over 60 authentic Venetian masks to choose from. Making Venetian masks is the perfect activity for families, team building groups, or as a centerpiece of incentive travel.
Venice Mask Decoration Course for Groups

Duration: 2.5 hours

Languages: Italian, English, Russian, French.
Other languages are possible if the group has an interpreter who can translate in real time.

Number of participants (maximum): 70 people seated.

Masks decorated: 1 per person chosen from over 60 models, all handmade from real cartapesta.

Decorative styles to choose from: 12

Objectives of the mask decoration course:

  • demonstrate traditional techniques for making Venetian masks from real cartapesta
  • fascinate participants by revealing some of the most important ways Venetian masks were used
  • decorate a Venetian mask (handmade from real cartapesta) using different styles and techniques
Venice Mask Decoration Course for Families
Duration: 2 hours

Course languages: English, Russian, French, and Italian

Number of participants (maximum): 12 people

Blank masks to decorate: 2 masks per person chosen from over 60 different models, all handmade from actual cartapesta

Decorative styles to choose from: 12 different styles.

Objectives of the course:

  • explain ancient techniques used in how to make Venetian masks out of cartapesta,
  • interest the course participants by describing the use of Venetian masks in Venice over the centuries,
  • creatively decorate 2 masks hand-made from cartapesta in a way that expresses yourself best.
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