CA’ MACANA - 100% original paper-mache Venetian carnival masks.
Decoration Courses
In our mask-making courses, participants learn effectively how to decorate Venetian masks. These courses are complete and highly-enjoyable experiences thus the best options for tour operators. They combine a brief but interesting introduction to the history of Venice masks (around 20-25 minutes) with a hands-on practical part in which participants get to decorate a hand-crafted Venetian mask of their choice. Our courses are the perfect activity of experiential tourism for large groups, families, team building groups, or as a centerpiece of incentive travel programs.
Venice Mask Decoration Course for Groups

Duration: 2.5 hours

Languages: Italian, English, Russian, French.
Translation in different languages is possible on request.

Number of participants: from 13 up to 120 people seated.

Masks decorated: 1 per person chosen from over 60 models, all handmade from real paper-mache.

Decorative styles to choose from: 12

Objectives of the mask decoration course:

  • Find out about traditional techniques for making Venetian masks from paper-mache.
  • Fascinate participants by revealing some of the most significant uses of Venetian masks.
  • Decorate a Venetian mask (handmade from paper-mache) using different styles and techniques.
Premium Course
Duration: 2 hours

Course languages: English, Russian, French, and Italian

Number of participants: from 1 up to 12 people

Blank masks to decorate: 2 masks per person chosen from over 60 different models, all handmade from paper-mache

Decorative styles to choose from: 14 different styles plus additional materials like feathers, sparkles, trimmings, and more.

Goals of the course:

  • find out about ancient techniques used in to make Venetian masks out of paper-mache
  • engage participants by describing the unique use of masks over the centuries in Venice
  • creatively decorate 2 hand-made masks from paper-mache using various techniques and materials.
Family Course
Who is this course indicated for: families and small groups of friends

Duration: 1.5 hours

Languages: Italian, English, French, Russian, Italian

Number of participants: 1 - 8 people

Choice of masks: 1 per person of 60 different models

Materials used: acrylic colours and water-based varnish, natural waxes, feathers, rhinestones

Course goals:
  • to decorate a venetian mask in a personalised way

  • discover the culture of Venetian masks

  • understand how an authentic Venetian mask is made

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