CA’ MACANA - 100% original paper-mache Venetian carnival masks.

The best leisure activity for tour operators -
Make Venetian masks in a real master workshop in Venice

This course lasts a maximum of two and a half hours and is held at one of our workshops, giving participants something more than simple entertainment. Firstly, participants are given information about the history and use of Venetian masks. We will highlight the incredible meaning and use of masks for Venetians in the past centuries.

During the second part of the workshop, participants experience the hands-on decorative part. Participants are presented with professional and original decorative techniques to paint their masks with. Nevertheless, these techniques are easily reproducible, and they will be shown step by step by our expert teachers.

We are extremely attentive to the needs of our participants and we always make sure we meet their requests (e.i time restrictions, content variation…). At the end of the workshop, participants are often surprised by their artistic accomplishment. Tour operators that engage with our Venetian Mask Decorating course receive high marks in customer satisfaction.

Course structure - theoretical introduction (25 - 30 minutes)


1. Explanation of how to make an authentic Venetian mask with the original technique.

We show the
materials and
a model in all
stages of its creation, from the clay sculpture to the finished mask.
All masks used by participants for decoration are hand-made using this method.

2. Explanation of the use of masks in Venice.

We present the most significant Venetian masks: the "Bautta" and the "Moretta".
We wear the costume of the Bauta in front of the participants, as it appears in the ancient paintings. We also show a real Moretta and explain the use and meaning of these masks.

We show a selection of historical images, where participants can see the Bauta and the Moretta "in action". This helps demonstrate the importance of Venetian masks in social life at the time of the Venetian Republic, even beyond the Carnival.

3. Description of decorative techniques

Relying on many examples hanging from the walls, we explain the 12 decorative techniques participants can choose from.


Course structure - Hands-on part (2 hours):


1. Participants choose their mask and decorative approach.

There are over 60 different models of Venetian masks to choose from including traditional masks,
fantasy masks, masks for men or women, children or adults, etc. All Venetian masks used
handmade in papier-mâché

2. Each person decorates their mask with a technique of their choice

This is the creative part. Acrylic paint is used along with different waxes.
Metallic colours like gold, silver, and copper are added for the finishing touches.
The course structure allows us to follow and help each participant, even if in a large group.

3. End of course

At the end of the course, the masks are dry and participants can take home their own carefully packed personalized mask.

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