CA’ MACANA - 100% original paper-mache Venetian carnival masks.

Make Venetian masks for families and small groups: 
the best option for tour operators

The structure of this course is similar to the one we hold for large groups. However, there are several differences and we adapt the content to meet the needs of the specific family or small group we are hosting.

This is a private course, in which everybody is engaged and personally helped by the instructor.
There is one-on-one attention given to the course participants, who can ask the instructor any questions that come to their mind, whether theoretical or practical.

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   Course structure

  1. Participants choose two masks per person.
    They are all handmade papier-mâché masks.

  2. Short and interesting presentation on the history and tradition of Venetian masks.
    We adapt the theoretical introduction to the specific family or small group in front of us. If, for example, there are young children, we insert the information for adults during the practical work. On the contrary, we can provide more in-depth information if participants ask questions or are interested in specific aspects of the unique Venetian masked life.

  3. Decoration of the chosen masks.
    Since there are two masks per person, participants can experiment more than one technique and decorative style.

  4. End of the course.
    Participants can take home their customized masks, which will be dry, well wrapped and ready to be taken home. 

Differences with large group courses

A tailored experience: This is probably the most obvious difference. When we give courses to small groups or families, the setting is more intimate as it is a private experience.

Two masks instead of one: we provide families and small groups with two different masks to decorate. In this way, they will have the chance to experiment with two different decoration techniques.

Additional decoration techniques: for families and small groups, we can teach techniques that cannot be shown to larger groups because of time constraints.

Extra materials: participants have access to special materials such as natural feathers, rhinestones, trimmings and much more. These materials are not provided to large-sized groups.

Duration: although we provide participants with two masks, the course lasts two hours instead of two and a half. This is possible thanks to the limited number of people.

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