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Ca’ Macana organizes team building activities in Venice, Italy, and has done so successfully for many years. We use our Venetian mask making courses as the basis for these team building events. We tailor our events to suit the needs of companies interested in outside-the-box and inventive team building events here in Venice.

Participants in our team building events get to use our workshop (called by some the best mask making workshop in Venice) along with all the necessary materials and techniques for learning how to make Venetian masks.

Each group is usually divided into competing teams with each team being assigned a certain objective.

Sometimes team members must develop a concept from scratch and then work together on a particular mask (larger than normal size so that everyone is given the chance to participate). Other times, there are a number of masks or elements of masks and different teams must coordinate in order to arrive at a strong theme that unites their creations.

Sometimes we have teams organize themselves using a hierarchical structure with clear tasks for each individual to perform. Alternately, under certain circumstances, teams can be left to themselves, free to self-organize.

The crucial thing is that our team building activities involve participants being put in unusual situations where managers of companies can observe them and how they behave including their ability to coordinate, cooperate, etc.

In addition to straightforward hands-on work, our team building activities require a lot of communication ability and basic synergy among participants - that is, teamwork in the best sense. Our team-building activities are a way for the best talents to shine.

As there is often some element of competition in our team building events, at the end of the experience, our instructors will act as judges and choose the winning team based on criteria decided in advance together with the team building event organizer.

Team building Venice masks style

An interesting example of a team building event is the one we organized in 2017 for Reckitt Benckiser, a leading multinational company in the cleaning products sector.

Participants were divided into four teams. Each of these teams was considered an independent company and had to compete with the other teams to develop a new product and launch the product onto the market.

We demonstrated a set of different decorative techniques for Venice masks along with the facts about different materials.

Each “company” had a virtual budget, had to decide on the appropriate technique(s) it intended to use, purchase the particular model of mask and materials for decoration, establishing a base cost for the final product.

Each team had to decorate the masks with a style appropriate for the target chosen for their product and sell at a final sale price suitable for that target.

Teams had to organize the decorative work themselves internally, determining which individual was most suitable for each stage of the work. This way, each mask passed through the hands of every single participant, a combined product of the teamwork and cooperation among group members.

When the decorative process was complete, each team had to justify to company managers all related costs, the price to the public, sales and marketing strategies, along with the original choices made in the decoration: for example, why the mask produced had what it takes to succeed in a given market segment.

In the end, two teams won that agreed to join forces and establish a partnership resulting in a more cohesive overall strategy.

As we can see from this example, our courses are tailored for a variety of company needs. We use our past experience to propose and generate ideas, but we always adapt our presentation to what a given company considers most important for its needs. In every case, Ca' Macana provides a unique and memorable team building event - among the highest-rated team-building activities in Venice, Italy.

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