CA’ MACANA - 100% original paper-mache Venetian carnival masks.

Learn how to make Venetian masks at Ca’ Macana

If you want to learn how to make Venetian masks or how to decorate Venetian masks, the best mask shop in Venice, Ca’ Macana, is ready to open its doors to you. See how real Carnival of Venice masks are made by doing it the best way possible: make your own mask in Venice.

Making and decorating Carnival of Venice masks is a time-honored tradition, and we at Ca’ Macana were the first Venetian mask makers to open our workshop to the public, proud to pass on our knowledge. Now, for over twenty years, our workshops have been the best way for you to make your own mask in Venice alongside the world's best Venetian mask makers.

Characteristics of venetian mask-making courses

Learning how to make Venetian masks is a wonderful addition to other things to see and do in Venice such as visiting the famous Piazza San Marco or Rialto Bridge, and for many can be the most memorable time they share with the family while in Venice. 

There are different mask-making courses available, but in all of them you will:

  • choose one of over sixty different types of white Venetian masks to decorate;
  • learn how original carnival masks are made;
  • learn how to decorate Venetian masks using a variety of techniques and materials;
  • learn the meaning and history of Venetian masks;
  • experience a master workshop inside the best mask shop in Venice now in operation for more than thirty years.

You can learn how to decorate Venetian masks of various types at our workshop: the bauta, masks for wall decoration, carnival masks for children and adults, masks from Commedia dell’Arte, the Colombine and the many types seen we provided for moovies like Eyes Wide Shut, Fifty Shades Darker, and others.

How to make Venetian masks: materials

We will provide all the materials you need during our mask-making workshop. Materials used in our workshop at Ca’ Macana are absolutely non-toxic, and this goes for the mask-making course as well as our daily production. They include such things as water, paper, acrylic paint, beeswax, water-based paints for the base and metallic colors for a final touch. For the truly creative, we offer feathers, rhinestones, and more!

How to make Venetian masks: decorating techniques

After you have selected the type of mask you wish to to decorate, you get to choose among the different decorating techniques available, which can be very exciting as our workshop offers many. You get to decide how to combine the various techniques, meaning that among the infinite variety of Venetian masks, yours will be unique. Many are simple techniques that we employ every day when we make Venetian masks, and you don't have to be a master artisan to use them. With our master craftsmen to help you, you will receive a step-by-step instruction and explanation. By the end, you'll have had a wonderful hands-on experience making these special works of art.

How to make Venetian masks: how long does it take?

To make a proper Carnival of Venice mask from scratch using cartapesta usually takes a long time, but in our mask-making course you can experience the process in one or two hours, which is good even for people visiting Venice in one day. At the end of the workshop, your mask will be dry, ready to be collected or even worn immediately! 

Take a look at the details of our courses on how to make your own mask in Venice:

If you want to book a course with our expert Venetian mask makers or simply ask for more details, please contact us at: +39 (0)41- 2776142 or write us using the contact form you find here.

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