What we want to convey in this mini-lecture on the Carnival of Venice above all is the charm and strangeness of daily life in ancient Venice, a set of practices and traditions very far distant from our own - including the mysterious and exotic Venetian masks.

We tell the fascinating story of how Venetian masks became a part of daily life in Venice not just on special occasions, but for more than half the year. We show how Venetian carnival masks fit within a complex and colorful tradition now lost to time.

Along the way, we will explain how to make Venetian masks starting with a model made out of clay all the way up to the use of cartapesta (paper-mache) and beyond.

Structure of the mini-lecture:

A - Demonstration - How to make Venetian carnival masks

We show the various stages of the time-honored process of how to make carnival masks from clay prototype all the way up to the pure white mask ready for decoration.

B – Parte storica sulle maschere di carnevale.

We present the history of Venetian masks and their importance in the day-to-day life of Venice by showing five important representatives and their meanings.

We don the three most traditional Venetian masks - that is, the Bauta, the Volto, and the tricorn - and we explain their many aspects - a sort of primer on Venetian masks facts. Using antique prints and paintings to illustrate, we show the importance of these Venetian masks in the social and political life of Venice and how they were used in daily life.

We also present authentic reproductions of two other highly important categories of Venetian mask, each with a different use: the Moretta and the plague doctor.


C – History - The Carnival of Venice

In this part of the mini-lecture, we discuss the fabulous Carnival of Venice celebration and its cultural importance at the time of the Republic of Venice. The Carnival of Venice was unique in all the world, full of surprises, and strongly rooted in the history of the city of Venice. Across many centuries it was a focus of identity and social cohesion for all Venetian people.

Using the most historically significant images of different aspects of the famous Carnival, the riches, the glory, and the bold spirit that distinguished this event on the world stage are vividly brought to life.

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