General info & Faq

General Info
Photos in the online shop show a selection of masks from our workshop in their most popular design. Since they are 100% handmade, each style of decoration can have some little variations of design and colours. Nevertheless, we always try to reproduce what is shown in the picture as precisely as possible.

Delivery time
Preparation of the order takes about two weeks before shipment. Since the masks are generally not in stock, they have to be produced specifically for the order.

We ship our products with UPS Expedite service. Delivery is usually within 5 working days and it is guaranteed. For urgent shipments please contact us at

Halloween, Christmas, and Carnival time
Before the above three periods of the year, we normally receive a lot of orders. Considering the delivery time, we strongly recommend you to place your order at least one month before the event for which you plan to use the mask. To verify if your order can be sent on time please write us at

Why does the order take so long to be shipped?
The delivery takes about three weeks. The masks we produce are generally not in stock because the decorations are individually painted . For this reason, the masks ordered from the online shop must be produced specifically for the order, as similar as possible to those shown in the photographs.

Additional info
Most of our masks are signed by the artisan who decorated them and are all guaranteed to be completely hand-made.
Traditional Venetian masks (select “Venetian Life” in the Type of Mask box) are on sale with a leaflet describing the history of the character written in English, French, German and Italian, and with a colour print.

Contact us
For any further question on prices, products, and delivery times, please do not hesitate to contact us at If your shopping cart does not work, please report to your operating system, the browser version and the problem you encountered.